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Dianne GubinDianne inspires others to make well-informed, educated choices that power their career and business development from ordinary to extraordinary.   

Dianne is available for show host and guest media work including TV, radio, Internet and print, as well as public speaking engagements.
  • Recession Proofing Your Career -  Stocks are down, the mortgage market crashed, and more.  What are the top 10 ways to protect your job in a turbulent economy?

  • Surviving the Credit Crunch -  Companies are pulling back.  What can you do to personally thrive during this time?  Tips on cutting expenses, what bills to pay, how to save, plus how to beef up your professional equity.

  • The Job Hunting Game - Learn short cuts to landing your next job from a staffing expert with 15 years experience and thousands of placements within Fortune 500 and fast growth companies.

  • Right out of College?  Help!   Network as much as you can to find that first job.  Tap into connections already established by parents, family, friends and others.

  • Job Searches on the Internet = Big Black Hole
    Has the internet made finding a job more difficult? Job seekers today spend countless hours trolling cyberspace. They send their resumes into online databases and never hear a word.  Is there a better way?

  • Win-Win Negotiations for your Career
    You negotiate every day.  You might as well be good at it!  Here are valuable techniques to use throughout your career to land the job, as well as negotiate salary and raise increases.

  • How to Hire for your Team, Division, Company or Small Business
    Recession or  not, getting the right people into the right jobs pays higher ROI than nearly any other business activity. Find out how you can hire smarter, faster, and retain your talent.

  • How to Network for Business and Career Development - You can't get business, let alone a new job, without professional relationships and networking.  After all, it's not who you know, but who thinks of you at the right moment.
    Maintain Work Life Balance - Juggling too much?  Here's how to maintain balance and sanity while juggling work, family obligations and personal needs.
Dianne offers expert insight into what matters most in career and professional development.   Whether you are a seasoned CEO of a major corporation or an entrepreneur launching a new business venture, discover the ultimate resource for finding today's latest breaking news about the hottest issues you face professionally.