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Dianne Gubin - Entrepreneur, Recruiter, Career Consultant, Media Personality

The Gregory Mantell Show - Keep Your House and Job

Advice on recession-proofing your house and job. With Dianne Gubin, founder of Tech Exec Partners; Randy Wright, owner of Benchmark Mortgage in Beverly Hills; and Jesse Kalsi, author of "The Power of Home Numbers."

Lets Keep America Working on Time Warner Cable

Dianne Gubin speaks with JoAnn Ashman, Kellwood
Dianne Gubin, an expert on career management, job search strategy, hiring trends and workplace issues.

Maximize your resume real estate.

Excerpts from the seminar "Elevator Speech - You Need One!" by
Dianne Gubin. (Working World April 2010 Career Fair)

Draw a concept map

Dianne Gubin - Speaking at Working World Conference.